Women for Blockchain (#w4b) is an amazing opportunity to learn more about aspiring women in the tech space. The interactive day will include high profile speakers from all over the globe explaining their experience working in this field! We will also have interactive workshops that will cover the basic knowledge of blockchain technology, as well as its possible uses in different industries.

Through this event, you will:

✓ Hear from successful women in the blockchain space.

✓ Be able to gain valuable networking opportunities.

✓ Be involved in interactive workshops about the basics of blockchain technology.

✓ Be able to meet companies at their booths.

✓ Food throughout the event, including a BUFFET.



Agenda (Main Hall)

1000-1045:  Registration & Welcome Speech (free tea & coffee!)

1045-1120: Marta Piekarska, Director of Ecosystem @ Hyperledger (Blockchain 101)

1120-1155: Evelina Lavrova, Founder and CEO of Decrypto PR (How Blockchain changed my life)

1155-1210: Break (snacks and drinks will be provided)

1210-1245: Somayeh Taheri, CEO of UrbanChain (Blockchain Applications in the Energy Sector)

1245-1305: Saba Shaukat, Managing Director of Sentient Design Lab

1305-1345: Interactive Session

1345-1445: Lunch & Networking (free buffet!)

1445-1500: Saba Shaukat, Managing Director of Sentient Design Lab

1540-1615: Sara Simone, VP of Marketing & Blockchain @ Wakelet / Founder of Digital Oracles (Blockchain & Big Data in Marketing)

1615-1700: End Speech & Networking

Location & Tickets

Event Details

Date: 30th of March 2019; 10 AM – 5 PM

Venue: Bright Building, Manchester Science Park


Get your tickets for free on EventBrite by using the code ‘w4bfreeticket’!


  • Marta Piekarska

    Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger

    The Linux Foundation

    Marta received PhD in User-Informed Design of Privacy Tools while working at one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley – Blockstream. Marta also taught at Technical University of Berlin as a Post-doc. As part of her role in Hyperledger Marta evangelizes the technology and Open Source and helps enterprises with applying permissioned Blockchains to their use-cases. Marta is passionate about how Blockchain can help in non traditional spaces, such as identity, last mile aid and education delivery and sustainability.


    Marta also formed the W3C Blockchain community Group and is a valued member of the technical advisory to ID2020, DIF and participated in Rebooting Web of Trust on regular basis.

  • Evelina Lavrova

    Founder & CEO DeCrypto PR, CMO Waves World, Expert CV Labs

    Founder and CEO of the DeCrypto PR agency, Marketing and PR Director at the US-based Waves World mining pool and crypto marketplace and Expert at the CV Labs (Zug, Switzerland). Evelina is also a Global Women in Blockchain member and was named among the Top 10 Females in Crypto 2017 by Crypto Core Magazine. She was previously Global Marketing & PR for Waves Platform, and worked for tech companies including Pay-Me, Yell and Gett.

  • Somayeh Taheri



    Dr Somayeh Taheri is the founder and CEO of UrbanChain. UrbanChain’s idea was based on her discovery on how to integrate and automate various business processes in different utility services, and to eliminate the middlemen with blockchain/AI technology. Focusing on the energy market, UrbanChain aims to reduce energy bills by up to 50% for consumers and bring renewable generators to the mainstream market. Somayeh is the alumni of the University of Manchester.


    Under her leadership, UrbanChain has been a fast-growing and multi-award-winning company. In the UK, UrbanChainers are working on a number of projects with the Perth & Kinross Council in Scotland, the Essex Council and NHS, to name the few, to offer their products to the market. Further afield, a number of EU countries, Australia, Japan and India have expressed their interests to the UrbanChain’s solutions.

  • Saba Shaukat
    Director, Blockchain Products and Marketing

    World Wide Generation


    Saba Shaukat is an accomplished Director and Senior Executive with over 25 years international experience driving growth and developing business in both established global companies and startups. She has extensive expertise within the Telecoms, Mobile, Fintech and Digital sectors, working with FTSE 250 companies & launching new start-ups using blockchain, digital currencies and alternative economy solutions.   


    In 2017, Saba was named by Innovate Finance as a leading woman on their Fintech   Powerlist for her work using an innovative digital currency to economically empower  underbanked communities across the globe. She is passionate about purpose based ventures  using technology, creativity and design for sustainable development and the economic empowerment of women.

  • Sara Simeone

    VP, Marketing and Blockchain


    Sara is the founder of Digital Oracles, a blockchain-based platform that helps SMEs to connect, collaborate, close contracts and get paid for their work. She  has over 15 years experience in building data driven digital marketing strategies for international brands. She is an accredited Member of the CIM and is Associate Lecturer in Digital Marketing at the Manchester Metropolitan University. She is also Expert Mentor in Digital Marketing at CV Labs in Zug, Switzerland. She holds a Master’s in Digital Marketing and wrote a dissertation about ‘Machine Learning and Blockchain and their impact on Digital Marketing’. Since then she has been managing various blockchain projects and speaks regularly about Blockchain and its application to the Digital Marketing world.


  1. Inspire women across all ages, backgrounds and experience;
  2. Increasing the legitimacy of blockchain technology and its capabilities;
  3. Exploring the potential applications and advantages of gender balance in blockchain and its impact on society;
  4. Stand against the unfair treatment that the first females who tried to break in the industry have faced (sexual harassment, not being given credibility solely because of their gender, teasing etc)  and many continue to suffer;
  5. Connect women with sources of support;
  6. Act as a networking platform for females with similar interests;