Who we are

Team of 2018/2019

  • Denisa Ganea


  • Brienne Lee


  • Iman Al -Barwani

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Chetna Jawa

    Marketing Associate, Event Organiser

  • Mir Ahmed Haleem

    Partnership & Sponsorship Associate, Event Organiser

  • Ivan Dewerpe

    Researcher, Partnership & Sponsorship Associate

  • Brian Yim Tam

    Researcher, Partnership & Sponsorship Associate

About Us

We are a group of ambitious, hard-working and curious business and computer science students, passionate about the way blockchain could disrupt, change and elevate the quality of services and products currently provided by multiple industries and consequently to improve our lives.   Based at the University of Manchester and starting our activity recently (February, 2018), we managed to form a strong and large community in the North and to create a platform for students, where we stimulate our common desire to learn and challenge ourselves to do more. Blockchainers has the purpose to educate, advocate for social justice matters related to this space and encourage and financially sustain entrepreneurial initiatives and innovations in the field. We plan, manage and hold events of variety, from talks, discussions, workshops, competitions, hackathons to conferences.   We are driven, hardworking and very proud of that, as we hope that our activity will have a both qualitative and quantitative impact and that all of our efforts will generate a real change in the environment we operate in.

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