Group Project 6


Analysis of various blockchain use-cases in determining whether they are needed solutions or an additions for the users

Project Goal

To explore blockchain use-cases (2-6 use-cases) and determining whether they are indeed needed solutions or additions for the users

Project description

The project involves defining criteria for what counts as a “solution” and what counts as an “addition”. It will be good to declare first what are the problems related to the use-cases, and then to see if they are solved by the solutions. If for example, it is solved, then these are solutions. It is not solved, then it can either be an addition or other criteria set by the participants. The project will then involve exploring various blockchain use cases, whether it is existing or potential use cases and through methodologies decided by participants, determine which use cases match which criteria. While matching use cases with the criteria, it is useful to include descriptions, rationales, validations or proofs if any, and alternative solutions or any other relevant information.

Project Manager


Project Timeline

Before May 2020


use-cases, blockchain, analysis

Final deliverable

Report including but not limited to summary, introduction, report content, project goal, results (if any), future work suggestions, concluding remarks.