About Us

A group of Blockchainers

Blockchainers is a non-profit organisation with a vision to build a community driven by creating positive impact through blockchain technology. Our mission is to create, expand, enhance and integrate various sub-communities supporting the development and adoption of blockchain technology.


A University organisation
Founded in November 2017, Blockchainers is now a University of Manchester organisation supported by UMIP’s Innovation Optimiser. UMIP is a division of UMI3 Ltd, The University’s Innovation Company.


A community open for everyone
Our communities consist of students, staff members, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, developers and professionals from other industries interested in the technology of blockchain. To stay in touch with what we are doing, join us on Facebook, Telegram or through the form at the bottom of the page.


Blockchain Training Programme (BTP)

What is it?

A programme for you to be able to train yourself in the area of blockchain technology, in the direction you want to, by working on blockchain projects.

There are group projects, university projects and business projects.

What do you get?

  • Self-learning materials
  • Additional events and workshops
  • Be part of the community
  • Quiz & Certificates (see below)
  • Participation in blockchain projects
  • Potential showcase & publications


We strive to follow the planned schedule below. Check it out.


We normally meet around the area of University and City Centre in Manchester.

We are currently focusing in Manchester, and some projects can be done remotely. Get in touch to enquire.

Who can take part?

Anyone can join. Basic knowledge of blockchain is not required. Covering this will be part of the programme itself.


In order for participants to work together on projects, participants are required to pass the BTP Quiz, for which certification can be awarded.

To support participants, there are self-learning materials in the form of available online courses that we have chosen. There will also be additional events, meetup and workshops. Our group chat can also provide support.

These are the steps of the BTP in sequential order:

1. Self-learning + Additional events/meetups + Community support
2. Quiz + Optional Certificate
3. Projects


Oct 2019: Welcome event and start of the BTP.
Oct 2019 – Dec 2019: Online material will be made available and events will be scheduled.
Dec 2019: Quiz completion.
Jan 2020 – April 2020: Project duration.


We are a non-profit organisation so anything that we charge goes back to the organisation.

Self-learning materials and projects are generally free of charge.

There is a charge for the quiz and for the certificates.
Quiz fees:
Students £10
Non-students £20

Certificate fees:
Students £25
Non-students £50

Major cryptocurrency payments are accepted. Please contact us for more details.

Self-learning materials

Please find here the selected online courses for the BTP that can help to complete the Quiz, and are highly recommended. They are all free to audit except the Udemy course, but without certification.
1. ConsenSys: Blockchain foundation and use cases (recommended for all participants, developers and non-developers)
2. IBM blockchain foundation for developers (recommended for developer participants who want to know more about Hyperledger)
3. Ethereum and Solidity: The complete developer’s guide (recommended for developer participants who want to know more about Ethereum and Solidity). Please note that this third course is not free but is a thorough course. It can be quite costly, but if you can find Udemy voucher online (you can try this one but there is no guarantee it will work: UDEAFFBA919), it is normally around £10.

These courses are not affiliated with Blockchainers and the BTP, and some of them provide their own certificates at a fee too. We simply use them to provide a common level of basic understanding for participants.

These courses are not compulsory but are highly recommended for the BTP Quiz which allows participants who passed to proceed to the hands-on training phase by working on blockchain projects. For developer participants, you can choose which route (Hyperledger or Ethereum) to be quizzed in. 



Group Projects

Click here to go to the list of current Group Projects or propose your own!

University Projects

Please speak to your university department to see if your school has supported this. If not, feel free to email us so we can arrange with your school.

Business Projects

If you are a business or organisation looking to have the Blockchainers community to undertake research, this is something we can help with, so do get in touch with us at team@blockchainers.uk.

Examples of possible projects include business and market research for blockchain projects, technology research, feasibility research, etc.

You will be able to vet and select participants that satisfy your requirements and needs before it starts. We recommend making this a paid project to ensure accountability and quality of the result, but also to thank those that participate in your projects. Ultimately, the price depends on the value you expect to receive in return.

Software Development

Distributed Applications

Get in touch with us at team@blockchainers.uk if you are interested in this.


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